Site Updates

Versⁿ Date Changes
v1.10 01/06/21 Removed ESRI/Satellite, as Mapquest Satellite seems to use same images now.
Added an updates page, and better Cookie control to show when new version released on main page.
Restored access to OS Open Data.
Placed OS data behind proxy to mask request key (seems only way) and alert for reaching cost threshold.
Reduced chance of 'grey screen' by scaling tiles when zooming beyond tile availability.
Updated 'more info' to detail charging model used by OS (see details here).
Auto-hide the Benchmarks filter dropdown after a few seconds (non-mobile devices only).
Consistent versioning across all pages (hopefully!)
v1.08 07/05/21 Temporary removal of OS Open Data, due to charging model
v1.04 27/03/18 Add Trig Points and identification of FL BR at Trig Points
v1.03 04/03/18 Handle duplicate mark of same type and multiple marks at same location
Fix Grid Ref on worksheet for 10-digit OS refs
Upgrade to Bootstrap v4, and replace Bootstrap Icons with Font Awesome
Add current pointer position coords to desktop
Import status and links for all brackets from
Add direct link to for known brackets
v1.02 20/02/18 Update to use Chart dynamic icons for BM status letter, and add status title
Add verified date to info window and full ODN height
v1.00 17/02/18 Add print control
Amend info/key windows for fitting on smartphone
Repair Easting/Northing on some FBMs
Change CSS for responsive framework
Enable labels on filter checkboxes
Reduce filters control width and update icons
v0.01 09/02/18 Initial Release